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#58 - Small Business is the new Big Business - Lee LeFever

October 13, 2020

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A bit about my guest on today’s episode:

My Guest today is Lee Lefever is an Author and Co-Founder of Common Craft.

Lee LeFever is the author of The Art of Explanation and co-founder of Common Craft, the company known for being pioneers of the “explainer” video movement.

He has created explanations for the world’s most respected brands, and produced videos that have earned over 50 million online views. Lee is a leader in the growing trend, now fuelled by the pandemic, that finds entrepreneurs questioning the personal cost of building large businesses.

He believes in a healthier, saner approach to entrepreneurship that supports more than the bottom line.

In Big Enough, his new book arriving in September, Lee tells the decade-long story of building a scalable, two-person business with unconventional priorities in mind. Using a set of constraints, he and his wife, Sachi, designed Common Craft with happiness and quality of life as shareholder values. His inspiring story is evidence that bigger is not always better.

What we’ll be discussing today:

  • The history and evolution of Common Craft
  • How Lee built a scalable online business from home
  • Why now is the time for entrepreneurs to think small
  • Why time is the new wealth
  • Quality of life as a shareholder value

What is Lee working on at the moment?

His new book ‘Big Enough’ due for release on 15 Sept 2020

How to get hold of Lee:

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