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#80 - Going All In On Your Business - Lorraine Ball

March 26, 2021

About my Guest:

After spending too many years in Corporate America, Lorraine said goodbye to the bureaucracy, glass ceilings and bad coffee. Today you can find her at Roundpeg, a digital agency in Carmel, Indiana, building smart marketing strategies for businesses who want to use internet marketing tools to grow.

Lorraine is also the host of More than a Few Words, a weekly, marketing conversation for business owners.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, and take photos. You can see her photos at

What will be discussed on today’s show:

  • Why you should burn the boats’ - Starting a business, you have to be willing to commit to the process as if you were sailing to an island and burning the boats, giving yourself no way back
  • User-Generated Content - tapping into your community by asking for ideas, images, contest submissions and reviews to boost your brand
  • The eyes of a child - how to bring creative thinking back into your life and your business.


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