The Fearless Business Podcast

#83 - Peak Performance Mindset - KC Rossi

April 9, 2021

About my Guest:

KC Rossi is a serial entrepreneur who has scaled multiple 6 and 7-figure operations over the last 3 decades in business. She now helps female leaders do the same (without burning out). KC is a daily meditator on a mission to spread good vibes and believes that anything we desire is possible.

What will be discussed on today’s show:

  • How mindset is the key that unlocks your peak performance
  • How the power of minimalism increases your productivity & joy
  • How to avoid burnout and lead with ease
  • Tips for unstoppable confidence to live an uncompromised life
  • How to tap into heart wisdom to experience your highest potential & increase your global impact
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs to clear the path to thriving success


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