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#84 - Hypnotic Marketing from the Millionaire’s Mentalist - Dan Chan

April 16, 2021

About my Guest:

Today our guest is Dan Chan the Millionaires’ Mentalist. Buzzfeed profile him and called him “Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician” He’s know for unconventional magic & illusions - including pickpocketing & hacking into iPhones. Daniel is a pre-IPO PayPal & magician who's pivoted to Zoom. He has performed over 300 virtual shows since March. 

His career is taking off! Last year alone he was featured on The Wall St. Journal, the Hustle, the Voyage LA. If that weren’t enough Business Insider and CNBC both featured him twice in 2020! Today he’s going to talk about he pivoted not only to Zoom but how he’s pivoted from Dan Chan the Magic Man, to Dan Chan “The Millionaires’ Mentalist.” And how he became one of the most in demand entertainers on Zoom. 

What will be discussed on today’s show:

  • How Dan has translated his ‘Fearless Attitude’ into Business (Skydiving and Bungee Jumping)
  • Hypnotic Marketing - the use of rhyming and alliteration
  • How to get media mentions from mainstream outlets

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