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#90 - Purpose Driven Achievement - Gary L Smith

June 25, 2021

Gary Smith is the founder of Gary L. Smith, LLC. As a businessman and entrepreneur for over 45 years, Gary’s drive is to help businesses and individuals live happier, more fulfilled lives, create massive impact, and leave meaningful legacies. 

Through his diverse business career, Gary has consulted with and presented to people around the world. Whether developing a global technology plan for an international medical corporation, teaching the principles of strategic planning to a church board, conducting a seminar on team-building for the management staff of a continuing care retirement community, or helping a group of senior executives enhance their time management skills, Gary creates an atmosphere of passion and enthusiasm, combined with caring and insight, as he leads people to a new level of desire and equips them with the tools to succeed in the attainment of their goals. 

Gary is the author of several books, including his latest work – Purpose Driven Achievement: A common-sense approach to effectively using purpose, energy, planning, and execution to achieve your most ambitious business and personal dreams. 

Gary is a business consultant, business and personal coach, author, and a professional speaker.

What will be discussed on today’s show:  

  • Profitability  
  • Improving Business Performance 
  • Productivity 
  • Cost Reduction 
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Customer Service 


Check out Gary’s recent release ‘Purpose Driven Achievement’ 

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