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Developing a Winning Mindset - Paul Wilson

July 7, 2022

Paul Wilson has dedicated the last 30 years to helping people, either as The Emergency Response Manager at the Channel Tunnel and hypnotist/coach for business owners. Paul began his new career 4 years ago.

In preparation for his new venture, Paul spent much of 2018 training and learning new skills.

One of the highlights was Logan Murray's Stand Up Comedy course, during which he performed two live stand up gigs. The “graduation” gig held at The Water Rats, North London.

Paul has plenty of testimonials that showcase how he has helped clients. His favourite is probably the shorted and most direct. From Nicky Botton: “Basically, in short – you’re a fucking legend! xxx.” 

What we'll be discussing on tonight's show:

  • How come therapy / hypnosis / nutrition / coaching trainers who sell courses to wannabe therapists DON'T provide their trainees with real, useful marketing training.
  • How many business problems aren't really business problems but are person problems (lack of self-belief, confidence, deterimination, inconsistency etc.)

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