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How to Attract Your Ideal Client - Arfa Iqbal

February 8, 2022

We'll be discussing the five things to remember when attracting and retaining your ideal client:

  1. The Psychology of your ideal client

  2. Why your ideal client wouldn't buy from you

  3. How to get in front of more of your ideal client

  4. How to get your ideal client to notice you

  5. How to get more of your ideal client to STAY in your world


A bit about Arfa:

Classically trained in direct response, Arfa is a 9 figure direct-response copywriter, digital marketer and author of Mind-Hack Marketing - How To Turn Customer Psychology Into Breakthrough Sales. She specialises in creating sales funnels and pre-selling mastery – skills which hinge heavily on being able to understand how customers think.



Arfa has over a decade of experience working with countless businesses in a range of industries across the Globe including expert influencers and big-name brands.

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