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Is a Subscription Model Suitable for My Business

November 26, 2021

Can you imagine waking up on the 1st of every month and £10k dropping into your business' bank account?

During today's episodes Robin Waite, Founder of Fearless Business talks through all of the pros and cons around building a subscription model into your business.

What we'll be discussing today:

He'll walk through the various pricing models available and how to determine which one is relevant for your business including:

    • Building a compelling front-end offer
    • Different types of membership/subscription business models
    • Explaining what Customer Lifetime Value is and how to generate great lifetime value

The upsides to running a subscription model business:

    • That creates regular sustainable income
    • Building a tribe of raving fans who refer more clients into your business
    • How a thriving community can help to get even better results than working with clients individually.

The downsides to running a subscription model business:

    • How to overcome client churn and the admin created within a subscription model business
    • Growth can be incredibly slow when enrolling new clients/customers
    • It can require having an incredibly large audience
    • Cashflow is spread out over several months or years even

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