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Marketing with Webinars - Tom Poland

March 15, 2022

Tom Poland is the Founder of Leadsology and a multiple best-selling author specialising in lead generation for professionals. With clients in over 150 cities around the world he's best known for his marketing with webinars model.  He says that he’s voluntarily married and lives and works from his home on the sunny Sunshine Coast of Australia.

What we'll be discussing on tonight's show:

  • The title of a webinar is key to attracting the right audience, any tips for creating titles?
  • You’re best known for your latest best seller Marketing With Webinars, why do you prefer using webinars for your lead generation?
  • Can presenters give away too many ideas when they present a webinar?

What's Tom Working on Right Now?

The 2nd edition of Marketing With Webinars (free copy) at the start of our launch on March 15th:

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