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The Importance of Energy Management - Simon Alexander Ong

November 30, 2021

Everything that Simon Alexander Ong does is built to energise people to see their world differently and to awaken their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can live a better story. 

As an award-winning coach and motivational speaker, he has been interviewed on Sky News, BBC and Forbes, and has spoken at some of the planet's most successful organisations such as Virgin, Salesforce and Microsoft. His debut book, Energize, will be published by Penguin in April 2022 and is now available for pre-order.

What will be discussed on today’s show: 

  • Simon’s entrepreneurial journey and lessons learnt throughout.
  • How to think differently as a business owner to accelerate your growth.
  • The Importance of Energy Management

What’s Simon working on at the moment:

  1. Pre-order of book to be released in April 2022:
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