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The Perfect 5-Step Marketing Funnel

February 4, 2022

Most people follow all of the steps that the Gooroos and Experts tell you to follow from a marketing perspective and you have a queue of clients rolling up day-in-day out waiting to part with their cash and buy your products, right?

Not so, but why is that?

I’ve created the “perfect” 5-Step Marketing Funnel to illustrate what’s happening in 2022 with Marketing.

Here’s the five steps in my Perfect Marketing Funnel:

VERY IMPORTANT! You must follow the steps down to the letter:

  1. Grab your mobile phone
  2. Open up your favourite web browser
  3. Navigate to your local Amazon website
  4. Pop in Take Your Shot
  5. Now go and Buy the Kindle

Don’t worry, if you’ve done the exercise, email me a screenshot of your purchase with your address and I’ll send you a signed copy of Take Your Shot, wherever you are in the world :-)

Whenever I do this exercise with a live audience there’s only ever about 30-40% of the audience who manage to download the Kindle

Effectively what this demonstrates is that there is friction in the marketplace:

  • I’m remarketing to people who’ve already bought the book
  • Some people simply don’t trust me
  • Your phone or the Amazon website aren’t working
  • You don’t own a Kindle
  • You simply can’t make it work

What inevitably happens is that most people end up spraying marketing shit all over their prospects without realising it, believing that their marketing should simply “work”

  • Only about 2% of your audience are ready to buy right now
  • So just be mindful of your marketing budget/time and remember this exercise
  • Not only that but most of you don’t have a simple 5-Step Funnel laid out in the format I’ve laid out my customer journey hence creating even more friction

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