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What are the Biggest Challenges in Lead Generation

February 18, 2022

Most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to boost sales/leads. In this episode I use some anecdotal experience where I mislaid £9k through not understanding the data in my Facebook Ads, spending several thousand pounds on printed advertising that yielded ZERO's what I learned from those expensive mistakes and what I found to be the biggest challenges in lead generation in 2022:

In this episode I talk about:

  • Some Facebook ads that went wrong to the tune of £9k
  • Not choosing the right supplier - Buying followers on Instagram...yikes!
  • Spending on “Awareness” often produces little to no results:
    • “PR” in Magazines which don’t exist or have over-inflated promises around audience and circulation
    • Business events again where audiences are over-inflated
    • Facebook Reach advertising

So what can you do to overcome challenges in lead generation?

  • Ensure you implement campaigns well
  • Try them out for the long term
  • Get enough data and validation to test whether it’s working (ScoreApp versus Facebook Lead Ads)
  • Get a solid Sales Process in Place
  • Be willing to invest in Marketing (20% of your turnover or 80% of your time).

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